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What methods are used to clean gutters?

Traditionally and still common; is the use of ladders and non-power tools to clean gutters. The reason for this is multiple, 1) it is cheaper to do so 2) down pipes need to often be manually unblocked 3) access is not always possible by machine. If we are gutter cleaning in Dunfermline in this manner then we have a few items that we use, please see the photo for an idea of what we use. There is a gutter scoop, a bucket, and a ladder limb-the limb holds the bucket onto the ladder while we use the scoop to remove debris.

We also have a ladder matrix, this is a board with thousands of metal spikes that support the ladders grip on the ground; and have extension tools that extend to several meters long-these can be used to pull debris towards us, and with gutter internal shaped ends on the pole we are able to do so very accurately.

For a lot of jobs we have access to a gutter-vac system, this is similar to a hoover but is designed to lift wet and dry substances from gutters. With over 3000 watts it is very powerful and one of the advantages of this is safety, we are using it from the ground. We are able to identify what parts of the gutter are full through our inspection camera (fitted to a telescopic pole) , this is held by one operator and they can relay information to the gutter-vac operator as to what parts of the gutter still require cleaning. Here is a video of Blast away using their Vac

Thirdly, we are IPAF certified-this means that we can hire machines that have a reach of substantial heights that ladders would not manage. Cherry pickers and such like have platforms and from there we can access many high rise gutter cleaning in Fife. When using these machines safety is very important, so we can provide a method statement, risk assessment and always wear protective clothing. shows a selection of the type of machines we refer to.

What are the advantages of using our gutter services?

Fife Gutter Cleaning Services are a one stop shop for gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter replacement. That in itself should provide insight into the fact we are specialists, who cover this field extensively.

We have the equipment to identify potential repairs, through leak testing your gutters with running water or through our support camera system-relaying footage to the operator on the ground.

We always clear down pipes as standard, as gutter cleaners in Dunfermline we understand that this is a common area of blockage.

We will arrive in a marked van, be professional in approach and arrange payment and appointment at a time that suits you.

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